How we help

Monument Community Trust (MCT) provides help to charities and community groups in many different ways, depending on each organisation’s aims, or the challenges they’re facing.

Often it’s about providing a different perspective and reviewing the organisation’s income streams and strategy. The Trustees also have a wealth of connections in the private, public, and voluntary sectors, so they regularly help to make important introductions.

There are many ways we can help you, for example if you’re:

    • Looking to grow your organisation
    • Searching for funding opportunities and ideas
    • Exploring collaborations with other charities and engaging with businesses
    • Needing help and ideas to raise your profile
    • Wanting to recruit new Board members.

Sadly our Trustees can’t wave a magic wand and can only dedicate a limited amount of time to their MCT activities. However, having someone who’s passionate about giving support, and who has wide experience and a range of contacts, can provide a real boost to individuals and their organisations.

Here are a few key links that may be useful to you and your charity: Resource Document