Oxfordshire Advocacy (OA) is a registered charity providing free, independent, non judgemental and confidential advocacy support to disadvantaged adults in Oxfordshire

They support people with a learning disability who may not have the understanding, the vocabulary or the communication to participate in decisions being made about their lives. OA can help them to understand the information that is given to them and then support them to put forward the points that they wish to make. OA help people to communicate in the way that is best for them including easy read information, pictorials or Makaton.

 Monument Community Trust have helped fund the creation of an Oxfordshire Advocacy leaflet that is created as Easy Read by those with learning disabilities?

 The benefit of this flyer is that it can then be easily understood what services Oxfordshire Advocacy provides by those with learning disabilities. Oxfordshire Advocacy does work with members of My Life My Choice providing free advocacy support.

 Take a look at the new leaflet Oxfordshire Advocacy easy read


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